Some songs make you dance irresistibly. Others get you only nodding and humming. There are those that take you a step away from divinity. So there’s something unique about every song and comes in view at every listen.

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You are likely to chance on a thousand gospel songs that highlight the love and mercies of God. You are  likely to find a thousand artistes with a voice more inviting. But a pure classic, a true magnificence is found on Nsenku’s ‘Emmanuel’. Perhaps only on this song.


It is the kind of song we will come to accept shortly. It will stay with us. It will be remain with us the way God has perpetual made us his. This is EMMANUEL.


I’ve got my headphones on i’m vibing
Already on the dance floor am dancing
Jubilating..and I love it.


The beauty in composition of this record is its applaudable multidisciplinary approach.  The singer who makes a turn-around to produce the song  creates it in a contemporary gospel genre made lively with rap verses blended with Jazz and R&B groove.

emma-2He employs the least number of instruments to achieve what an orchestra will. On this song, he is striking just a keyboard, drums, bass and electric strings. Each one runs in their lanes but make a terrific unison.
The song’s simplicity makes you take in all its prolifics at one hearing. And then it becomes complex again when you realise it is coming from a novice,  a dreamer,  one who is yet to hit a huge following.
What the songwriter communicates on this song is a message of hope and inspiration to mankind, and of an everlasting and dependable God.


So when it’s all said and done
When everything falls into plan
When the will of God is done
It’s only one song that comes into mind


The foundation of this song is laid on the basis of a believer’s testimony of a gracious God. What ink and papyrus cannot write, what the heart cannot pour out in prayers is what Nsenku classifies on this song. And that is classic, more prominent on this part:


You have no reasons to fear
He listens to us, so he’s always near.
Don’t you think your life is at stake
Because the God that made you never makes mistakes
In your bad situation, just call his name
To Him your stress and pain is just a piece of cake

That is the artistry that fits the song into any crony. It is made to grab traction from people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all ages.
Born Kankam-Boadu Isaac, the 24 year old musician  currently is a Ports and Shipping student at the Regional Maritime University.


His background in music from his formative years and grounded in a Christian family makes him a wonder at what he does.  Nsenku has produced artistes that are making an impressive warm up into the music arena; to mention of CJ biggerman of MTN Hitmaker fame, Slicky Frankie from Nigeria and Dee Jay from Nigeria and many others.
He’s not the artiste you know. He’s not that producer whose songs have topped the charts. Not yet. But this  is  a multipurpose discovery.  This is a gem that sparkles in any direction of view. This is a promising  singer, a composer, an instrumentalist, a rapper.  This is a young man beating his drums on all the sides.


Listen to the song here http://www.audiomack.com/song/Herbtome/emmanuel


Author: Patrick Fynn