Fast rising Nigerian based artist of Ghanaian descent, Joelle “Cameey” Essoumam has proved anything is attainable if you keep working on your goals and aspirations.
The singer and songwriter started off as a dancer before veering into football and then travelled to Nigeria against his parents’ wishes to pursue a career in music which many believed was going to be impossible.
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“Many people doubted me when I said I was going to pursue this music thing and that included my late father and my mum because they felt the industry was saturated and not structured enough to support a budding artist like myself.
“I kind of understood their fears because their doubt was based on the fact that they cared about me but I have also come to the realization that the people that care about you can sometimes talk you out of pursuing your dreams.
Because of this, I had to travel into a new environment which is Nigeria to connect with people who understood the industry and were on the same wavelength with me and that’s how I met up with my A1 Muzic family and signed up with Chocolate City.
Cameey started recording in 2016 and has released three great records since he made his official debut as an artist in 2017.
Currently signed to one of Nigeria’s biggest record labels “Chocolate City Music” alongside top artists like MI, Dice Ailes, Yung L, Koker, Victoria Kimani and DJ Lambo; Cameey believes he possesses the sound and melodies that is sure to capture the hearts of many on the continent and abroad.
“I’m a point where nothing else matters but my music. Many believed I was good at dancing and could easily make a career out of that but I switched music instead because of the deep joy it brings. I’m not going to allow society’s messaging to box me into being just exactly what they expect to see. I’m looking to work on things I’m passionate about and make a mark.”
Cameey is managed by A1 Muzic and gravitates towards sounds including Afrobeat, Afropop, Reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and pop as a crooner.
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