‘KiERA’ is a motivational song by BBA StarGame Namibian rep, LADY MAY; her latest single.

The song title is a word derived from the South Africa’s Afrikaans language, but pronounced as ‘Kiera’ in Namibian Oshiwambo language which means ‘Stop it’!

Produced by ALie-Keys from (South Africa) & ‘SoLani GLO ZuLu’ (Namibia); the song is about saying NO to everything that’s not good for you. It’s just about you  ‘KiERiNG’ (Stopping/ blocking) every Negativity & only focusing on the GOOD and positivity.

The Video is shot by Namibian music  director, Namzee-Brown.

Kiera is released under Lady May’s independent label, Crazy Lady May-Records (CLM-R).

Watch video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38VmE3w48Ck]