Nana Akua Addo Goes Bald In New Movie ‘The Masked’

For many years to come, Ghana Movie Awards 2012 Best Actress in a Lead Role nominee and budding actress, Nana Akua Addo’s name would be embossed firmly on the lips of movie enthusiasts for her audacious stand to completely shave off every hair on her head on a movie set.


Nana Akua has done what most of Ghana’s biggest movie stars would never think of doing for a movie.


The emergent actress has gone totally bald for her upcoming movie titled ‘The Masked’. In order to interpret the roles well, Nana Akua garnered enough strength to agree to shave off all her hair.


Truthfully, the above is the last thing that most of Ghana’s leading actresses would never do even if they are paid twice the amount they charged.


Since her introduction into the Movie Industry, the actress has been stereotyped for certain roles. Her strength has been reduced to particular roles due to some of her previous work particularly the ‘Wanna Be’.


Her brilliant display in the comedy movie, ‘Wanna Be’ which got her the nominations in the 2012 of the Ghana Movie Awards made many people think she is only good in comic roles.


Even though she is yet to feature in many movies with a comedy theme, many producers now associate her more as a comedy than a versatile actress.


But in ‘Masked’ Nana Akua proves her versatility and set to change people’s perception about her.


‘Masked’ is a story of a young girl called Nkuli [played by Nana Akua Addo] and her two siblings, Kwame [played by James Gardner] and sister, Gyi Nyame [played by Lisa Asor Awuku] who are trusted into the trenches of life after the untimely death of her parents.


Typical of orphan children and travails they go through in life, suddenly found themselves in the care of their wicked aunty [played by Paulina Oduro] who introduced her into prostitution to be able to take care of the family.


She got infected with the dreaded HIV virus. The story talks about the dangers and huge risks often children are exposed to when there is no parentage guidance or protection.


The Ghana Aids Commission is partnering to use the movie to teach people and expose the ills of the curse behaviours like multiple sex partners and prostitution in entirety.


It will be used to educate the public, make them understand the certain dangers; children are exposed to when parents are not there to give them proper guidance.


The movie has a whole lot of message for the public; lots of lessons can be drawn from the different problems that it seeks to mirror in the film.


It is a little way to try to contribute to the strong fight against HIV and prostitution that has been a bane of the African continent.


‘The Masked’ is directed by Phil Bernard for Hau of Kadewe Films, producers of ‘Wanna Be’ movie.