“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent,” the imperishable words of a French poet, novelist, and dramatist of the Romantic movement, Victor Marie Hugo.

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Even though there’s no thorough study that proves that musicians can be alternatives to prophets, the world have seen some lyrics come to pass. From Reggae great Bob Marley to acclaimed ‘Hip-hop and Rap King’ Tupac Shakur, the world has lived to see some peculiar prophetic lyrics become a reality.

Our own Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie became the talk of the town when AnasAremeyawAnas’ recent investigative piece which captured judges taking bribes was released. Sarkodie, in his 2012 released “Pizza and Burger” song had warned judges to desist from taking bribes from their clients. Sarkodie came out to clear the air saying his lyrics weren’t a prophecy but a mere coincidence.

One song that has taken center stage in the post elections debate is “Nana Eba” (Nana is coming), a song performed by VRMG recordlabel C.E.O, Edem. What sparked the never-ending debate about the Kemenya-produced Hip-hop jam is the timing of its release, as well as some portions of the lyrics, which werethought-provoking.

“Nana Eba” was released exactly January 1st this year. Prior to its release, the cover artwork of the song, which bore an image of President-elect, Nana AddoDankwaAkufoAddo wearing a crown like a ‘King’, fueled suspicions about Edem’s political stand, with many speculating that it was an endorsement of the NPP flagbearer. But in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Edem denied the claims. “I acknowledged that there was the possibility that people might misinterpret the content of my song but I am not accountable for people’s thoughts and perceptions. I cannot be held responsible for how people choose to interpret and assign meaning to the song since that is up to the individual’s discretion,” he said.

But what is intriguing, and what has served as a contributing factor to the heated arguments of Edem’s prediction of Nana Addo’s victory, is the cover artwork and the lyrics. Even though he has denied, some people are still questioning how this could just be a mere coincidence. Apart from the cover artwork, Edeminterestingly rapped:“They honour me King of Kings, this rap diɛ e dey ma genes. I dey bore these emcees, I be demma ‘kaka’ (toothache).”

Also in the song, every verse is accompanied by the hook “Nana Eba, Nana Ebaoo, Nana Eba”. The hook has played a consequential and memorable role in Nana Addo’s campaign message especially on social media. Almost every NPP supporter, and indeed Nana Addo himself, used the hashtag #NanaEba and #ChangeIsComing.

Do you think this is just coincidence or a prophecy by the “Nana Eba” rapper, Edem?