A new digital music distribution platform, Crux Global, which aims at generating sufficient revenue and crossing over Ghanaian musicians has been successfully launched in Accra alongside a seminar.

The platform founded by the manager of afrobeats duo R2Bees, Gomi, and UK-based Ghanaian music executive Kofi Kyei was launched at BBnZ Live office in Accra on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

Addressing the media and guests, Gomi said Crux Global has been a dream come true and will make sure that Ghanaian musicians who are lacking a crossover will realise their goal.

“It was a big dream putting this together and we are making it happen now,” Gomi disclosed during his welcome address. “The Ghanaian artiste has been going through a lot. It’s been a hectic time this past 15 years we’ve been in the industry.”

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He continued: “We have the sound and the artistes but we are not properly crossing over. When we agreed that we were going to make this happen, we knew that we were going to pull a few plugs to create established stars, help them and make them worldwide superstars.”

The launch was accompanied by a music seminar that covered ‘crossover’ in the Ghana music fraternity. The seminar touched on factors that are hindering Ghanaian musicians from crossing over.

Gomi indicated that branding is key when one wants to crossover. He said creating a unique brand is a major key to breaking through on the international market.

“People listen to artistes because of their appearance. Your brand has to be so unique. You don’t have to copy anyone,” he noted during the seminar.

“You just have to create something the world hasn’t seen yet. You can’t be a second Michael Jackson…you can’t be a second Sarkodie…you have to be the first ‘you’. So, you need to create a brand that people will see and vibe with you instantly.”

“You should be particular about how you carry yourself so that people can associate themselves with you…To make your brand move out of your comfort zone, you need to create your style and be unique,” he added.

Former manager of Stonebwoy, Blakk Cedi, who currently manages Kelvyn Boy, contributed to the dialogue, saying fan base, unique sound, partnership and networking can help musicians crossover.

“Before you think of any other thing, we should think of building a [fan] base,” he asserted. “Because, wherever you go, people would want to check you out and see who you are before they accept you.”

“You have to identify the sound you want to create. The sound has to be authentic and it has to be you. It doesn’t have to be an imitation. The world doesn’t want to see another Drake, they want to see you.”

“Secondly, collaborations, partnerships and networking. You definitely will have to tap into other people’s market. Doing collaborations is another way to take your sound out there,” he concluded.

Afrobeats star King Promise’s manager Kwaps also suggested that identifying the right sound can push local Ghanaian artistes to the international market.

“The sound you want to push is very important,” he indicated. “There’s a difference between Ghana music and afrobeats. We always say Ghanaian music to the world, but we are doing Ghanaian music without elements that people can relate to. It might not be the language, it might just be a few instruments that whoever elsewhere listens, he can say this is Ghanaian music.”

Crux Global has opened its office in Accra and has already started working with local musicians.