Tee Phlow

Tee Phlow

Undeniably, Ghana’s Music Industry has seen staggering talents since last five (5) years. These talents compared to yester years are incredible and gives enough hope for the Great Music Legends  of today to retire without much worry about the tomorrow of GH Music.

www.233times.com in a comprehensive investigation, with intensive discussion with goons in Music in Ghana about new voices to expect in this year (2013) for major ‘blow up’ settled on the following people.

These Up and Coming Artists are who we can confidently entrust the 2013 musical year in, with audacity to bringing great competition in the industry.

These names are randomly placed and not in any order;

  1. Tee Phlow
Tee Phlow

Tee Phlow



2. Strong Man

  1. Strong Man

    Strong Man





3. DXD

  1. DXD


4. 2 Ras

  1. 2RAS



5. Kwasi Trigga

  1. Kwasi Trigga

    Kwasi Trigga




6.Sketches Ayisem

  1. Sketches Ayisem

    Sketches Ayisem




7.Kofi Kinata

  1. Kofi Kinata

    Kofi Kinata




8.Nero X

  1. Nero X

    Nero X



9. Sena Huks

Sena Huks

Sena Huks


10. Nana Frema

Nana Frema

Nana Frema



11. Blaq Hedz

Blaq Hedz

Blaq Hedz



12. Morning Tee

Morning Tee

Morning Tee



13. 1 Fame


Author: Nana Kwesi Coomson (www.233times.com)