Nhyiraba Suzzy To Release her New Single 'Somimu'
Nhyiraba Suzzy To Release her New Single ‘Somimu’


Worship is a powerful tool for Christians and that is why Gospel act, Nhyiraba Suzzy has dedicated her maiden single, Somimu to the practice.

Somimu, which is set to be release on saturday 9th is about a believer who is asking God for help in times of need and challenges Him to remain faithful to His word of lightening the burden of those who lean on Him.

“This song basically encourages Christians to trust God to come to their aid in their days of misery and to plan better ways for them,” she said.

Nhyiraba Suzzy gives God appellations, extolling His attributes and gets “in the spirit” as the song progresses.
Asked her thoughts about the Gospel industry she said, “well, we are doing our best but I want to wake up one morning and hear that there is a worship centre for God in every corner of the world and our messages are making impact as well,” she stated.

Nhyiraba Suzzy agreed that breaking through will not be easy but she is optimistic that with hard work, she will soon become a household name.
“I know it will not be easy for me but I believe that soon the tables will turn. This can only be achieved by the effort I put in my work, I have a solid team who have great ideas and concept in place for me and I trust that God will see me through,” she stated.

Inanswer to why people need to listen to Somimu, she said, “As a Christian, you cannot take worship out of your life, I feel that I have been called to add content to the body of Christ as far as worship is concerned,” she said.

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