NiiQuaye -  Atomic Muse
NiiQuaye – Atomic Muse

Atomic Muse is a major step on NiiQuaye’s musical trajectory; a body of work which reflects the time and experience Nii has gathered on stage, blending musical genres and collaborating with a wide range of artists.

Unlike the vast majority of his Ghanaian producer colleagues, NiiQuaye is also a musician, an arranger and an in-demand band leader. Over the past few years Nii has developed unique expertise at the junction between pop culture and seasoned musicianship, which in turn allows him to permeate his productions with the organic subtleties only a live band can develop together.

Atomic Muse is a dedication to Accra’s Atomic Junction, where Nii spent most of his life, and which has become the creative nexus of his work. The area is an urban junction as well as a creative one, a geographic and artistic hub where Nii has experimented and fine tuned his sound. Working the live circuit and playing for all sorts of artists is the backbone to his spirit of inclusiveness and experimentation, which is evident throughout Atomic Muse, a 14 song project split into two releases.

This first volume presents Nii’s work with an exciting roster of talent: female rising stars such as Cina Soul, GoodGirl LA, Sister Deborah and T’neeya, acclaimed wordsmiths Wanlov the Kubolor and Ko-Jo Cue, as well as heart warming voices from Nii’s camp, BiQo, Alee and Boyd.

With its ear to the street and its soul deeply lodged in Ghana’s rich melting pot, Atomic Muse is a record with the potential to reconcile jazz and azonto fans alike, a significant step towards bringing performing arts back at the heart of Ghanaian popular culture.

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