The Ghanaian Crooner Nino who is identified as an amazing artist for Africa is really making his presence in the music arena a very promising one and that sooner, he can be crowned as the next Ghanaian for Grammys.

His unique and mellifluous tunes made in his own music style NUSLAM, are getting him on several reputable platforms that Ghana can also boost of.
Living his life and following the steps of our African legends like Osibisa, Fela, Nino is to mount on the same stage with the one and only Mr Music Man Kojo Antwi.
Kojo Antwi, who has been recognized as one of the greatest and successful musicians from Africa over time is to open a page for the next to be crowned music Legend Nino.
”I’m really prepared for this concert of Kojo Antwi and I’m leaving no stone unturned when I grab the Mic.” says Nino.
Nino gets ready to thrill the fans of Kumasi on the 14th February 2013 with the very exclusive performance at the Miklin Hotel..