FALA Awards 2018 is here again and as usual the time is up for all eligible members who met the criteria for Nominations in any of the outlined categories to be announced .
Fusion House , the organizers of the Nationwide Anticipated Fashion And Lifestyle Awards 2018 (FALA ) has made it known to the general public to be present on the 12th, of October 2018 and the venue is Africa Regent Hotel situated inside Airport West avenue here in Accra to witness the official launch as well as the nominees Release for this year’s Edition.
Its has been made a must by the organizers as each and every act,firm or company who filed for Nominations Should be present for the reason being that there’s more to this special event than just announcing of Nominees Officially.
The time scheduled for this program is noted to be exactly 6pm.
For more information on any doubt/ questions, individuals or anyone concerned is urged to contact the numbers below: