Obiba - Fall In Love (feat. Kamelyeon)
Obiba – Fall In Love (feat. Kamelyeon)

February 14 comes, many in relationships will troop out to celebrate both romantic and filial love in diverse ways. Some of these platonic relationships will end up in permanency for life. Others may fall by the wayside but the statement would have already been made: love knows no colour, creed or tribe.
Obiba Sly Collins brings to life his new musical single Fall in love in which he featured the young rapper Kamelyon in this memorable song.
The Valentine song falls in the Obiba tradition which has seen him featuring these young and upcoming talents in his desire to ensure that they also have a head start in their chosen careers. We have seen the likes of rapper Agbeshie and Vodafone Ghana Music Awards winner, Kula, also collaborating on the Sly for Peace campaign in 2016 which also included a live musical concert at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park, Accra. As Obiba said, he does not believe in discrimination between musicians as it is all about passing knowledge to the youth.

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‘The so-called generation gap in music is just a ploy by fast fading musicians not to open doors for others especially the young: it meant stultifying the passing on of knowledge from one generation to another; I believe we have to share the knowledge just as love must be shared among all.
‘That is why Valentine must be celebrated with that mindset that love has no limitation: we must extend love to all regardless of tribe or parental affiliation. I don’t have to be your brother or sister to show love to you … what many have failed to realize is that, outside the house, the nearest person to you is your brother or sister as he is in the position to give you the first aid you need in time of trouble. So love should not be limited to family alone,’ he expanded on the theme of the music.
What is most unique about the song is the fact that it is rendered in Twi, English and Ga; a first of its kind in Ghana and also meant to reinforce the message of love as it should be.

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