Ghana Rap Sofuo, Obrafuor, the Executioner has cautioned fast rising artist DaGaow to be careful and wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing situation that is prevailing in the Ghanaian music industry.

Obrafuor, who had a crunch meeting with DaGaow on Thursday at the Efya Beach Hotel in Accra, says the artist has the right to air his opinion about the disunity in the Ghanaian music industry.

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He, however, explained that not every artist will tolerate his views and opinions.

Endorsing DaGaow as a potential star to put the Ghanaian music industry on the international front, he advised the artist to avoid profane lyrics that others use, dedicate lots of time, energy into his music and to make Ghana proud.

What you didn’t know about DaGaow

The songwriter, who is also a hip-pop artiste, until recently was known as Odumja- a stage name that became popular from his schooldays at the Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO), a premier second-cycle institution in Ghana’s Northern Region where his music dream gained foothold.

He says he is currently undergoing a re-branding and has chosen “DaGaow” as his showbiz name to depict his “identity as a descendant of the Dagara people who rebelled against autocratic rule in the olden days”.

“In short the name implies a revolt against all forms of failure in this life,” he reveals.

His latest song, Checkpoint, is the first he has released so far among the tracks he is set to launch in 2017.

“Checkpoint is an Afro-pop love song, well-crafted from lyrics, chorus, hooks and beat resulting in a harmonic pattern that gives the song a striking dance tune. Production credit goes to one of Ghana’s finest sound engineers, Roni Turn Me Up. The video of the song, which is also going to be released this year, is directed by famous music video director, Prince Dovlo,” said DaGaow who is also scheduled to tour the UK (where he is partly based) soon to shoot another music video.

He added: “The song articulates the need for young people to desire to succeed in life. It speaks about giving your dreams and aspirations the best shot possible. The melodious afro-pop song seeks to encourage young people not to listen to voices that discourage them from achieving their dreams. That song is so dear to my heart and so it took me two months to finish recording and mastering it. One unique thing about this song is that, I didn’t just write it to sing it but it is a package of an experience I have had myself. I defied all odds and dedicated everything- time, effort and money- into the making of that particular song and I am anticipating it will storm the Ghanaian music scene”.

Rapper to launch anti-drug abuse concert tour

The rapper, who began his music life way back at the 1st Signal Junior High, Burma Camp, Accra, says he taps inspiration from Ghanaian hiplife artistes Okomfo Kwadee, 2pac and Nas. He hopes to reach the youth everywhere through music and charitable gigs, to inform and educate them about such social problems as domestic violence and drug abuse.

Songs released so far by DaGaow include: “Kaba” 2000, “Follow me” 2005, “Let them say” in 2008, “Look Sharp” (2010), “Black Panther (2011) and Akesiemu which featured Dobble in 2012. The rapper’s song “Ma world” was one of the hit songs of the Volcano Eruption compilation produced by Sasco and Hilix music production in 2009.

“I think my performance at the British Art Show in the UK was my all-time best. That show brought out the best in me as I had to free style creatively by blending the various artists and their works and still made sure that the fans were on their feet. Most importantly it was in line with my music principles of educating and informing people,” he recalls in his memoirs.

His new singles (including Checkpoint) are being promoted in Ghana and the UK amid plans to embark on a nationwide tour of Ghana by the close of 2017.