As part of sensitizing the citizens to consciously leave a more serious life OGYA MENSAH will be sharing copies of his new single GET SERIOUS for free. He believes music should not only be used for partying but can be used to effect positive change in the society.
He will also as part of the sensitization embark on a regional tour to propagate the message to the masses through radio interviews, seminars and music concerts.
When Nurses lose their sympathy for Patience and Teachers don’t want their pay in heaven anymore then we need to take a second look at our lost patriotism.
The song GET SERIOUS seeks to consciously bring back the Patriotism, selflessness and responsible citizenship which formed our great nation to its citizens.
OGYA MENSAH (De Voice) 2
We should in unity channel all our energies, ideas, resources, creativity, passions into rebuilding a Ghana we can be proud of not only for ourselves but generations to come.
The purpose of this project is to distribute over 10,000 cds free to citizens via radio call in and unlimited soft copies using Whatsapp No. 00233244712136 to citizens of Ghana and Ghanaians Abroad in other to sensitize the masses to become more conscious and purposeful as a nation to help this country move forward towards Greatness
For further info kindly contact Mr Eugene Kpakpo (PRO) on (0244232288)
Long Live Ghana