Oheneba’s “Blood of the Lamb” is a masterpiece of music with catchy tunes that will make listeners want to dance all night long.

In context, Oheneba Peter discussed Christ’s atonement for humanity and the joy he beseech in Him when performing  “The Blood Of The Lamb.”

The musician demonstrated God’s love throughout his life by following Christ.

“…with your grace I am alive, and my delight is found in you,” he sang at one point.

Oheneba Peter also said that throughout his voyage, the Lord served as his shield.

Do you regard yourself as an ardent Christian? This song will encourage you to love God even more.

Any of the digital streaming services will let you obtain a copy.

Oheneba Peter’s most recent song highlighted how the blood of the sacrificed lamb may cleanse mankind of all sin.

This hymn says a lot about the blood of Jesus as the world’s Messiah and Savior.

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