It’s been a quiet few months for Økuntakinte, and this silence was sudden for an artist of his talent and caliber who burst on the scene with such a unique sound. There were rumors that his unique sound had been muffled by the dominating hiplife and azonto genre. Also rumors that as he is still a student of Ashesi University, he has been busy with an intense liberal arts course pursuing his degree. However on reaching out to him, we found out that Økuntakinte, Ghana’s first afro-electronic dance artist famous for his viral Melanin girls song, has been very busy in the studio working on his first major musical project titled “Økunt-art-kinte”.


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Økunt-art-kinte is an EP that embodies the full work of art that Økuntakinte is. It is an eight track E.P that delves into the many influence of the visual artsand eclectic sounds from around the world. The EP samples melodies of Fela, Nina Simone, Angelique Kidjoe, Nat King Cole and many greats that inspire Økuntakinte. Featuring on the E.P is seasoned songstress Efya and Adomaa, as well as south African singer Moonchild Sanelly. The tentative release date for the E.P is in March when Ghana celebrates 60 years of independence.


The E.P also announces Økuntakinte’s, two year hiatus from the music scene to reflect more on his evolution as an artist. This hiatus gives Økuntakinte the opportunity to travel the world, interact with a plethora of musicians and research on various unique sounds that can evolve African music to the world. In the process, he will be preparing himself for a global comeback.It is refreshing to know there are artists like Økuntakinte who look at music as more of a culture than just a passing fad. The future is bright for African music. Listen to Økuntakinte’sBilaMajina song featuring Adomaa , off the Økunt-Art-Kinte E.P.