Last week, news broke that OM Studios offices had been shut downed by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) over monies owed for an audit done for the year 2010 to 2015.

An online publication triggered the Chief Executive Officer, Abraham Ohene-Djan who rebated the claims in a post on his official Facebook page stating the company has not, and did not intend to withhold payment to the revenue authority but was only waiting for their documents to be released for an independent auditing which was being delayed by the GRA process.

However, the Chief Executive has revealed that the company has paid the outstanding amount of Ghc340,000 and made public all receipts of the payments due the Ghana Revenue Authority and is seeking legal advice over some disputed figures on the audit report.

The Chief Executive of the company who is currently on a Master’s program in the UK has also challenged the author of an irresponsible publication Chris Vincent, to provide evidence of their claims suggesting the company owes its workers arrears. The renowned director stated the company is currently consulting its lawyers over a defamation lawsuit against the UK Luton based blogger.

Below are all receipts of payments made by OM Studios, one of the leading and respected audio-visual production media house in the Ghana, now called OM Integrated (OMI) after restructuring to focus on online content production in 2016.