Open Letter from HipJamLive, Organizers of Di Don Gorgon Concert to Fans_


The “Di Don Gordon” concert took place at the Accra International Conference Center on the 24th of April,2015. Things didn’t turn out the way as it was expected and it ended with dissatisfaction from patrons who thronged the venue. HipJamLive pens this open letter here to their fans and we wish to forward this to all and sundry.
“We embarked on a new form of promotional campaign relying on social media, the new and modern age technology, as a means of attracting a youthful crowd.   It is an evolving Internet age, it was a relatively new marketing strategy we employed. Yes, we are a young establishment with no prior branding or history as is every new organization. We may not have used certain forms of media, but social media and other forms of advertising is the new marketing ploy.  “WE SINCERELY APOLOGISE TO OUR FANS FOR ANY LAPSES AND AS A TEAM PROMISE TO PUT UP A BETTER PERFORMANCE IN THE NEAR Future. We are keen on a more accurate portrayal of our vision in the near future.”