I have Bills To Pay Dear Artiste,

Have you ever wondered how the young, dynamic, intellectual Ghanaian youth who works as a Showbiz/Celebrity Publicist, blogger or promoter comes up with their promotional works? Have you wondered how the Ghanaian Artiste is gaining recognition in the Diaspora? And have you thought of how music made in Ghana would have remained in the four corners of the country without social media promotions?

Ever since the emergence of blogging and social media unto the Ghanaian media platform, many a youth of the country have taken strides in it, offering various individuals a career opportunity to develop their potential in various forms of modern day journalism and other arts.

The Ghanaian arts, especially music, has been the biggest benefactor of the works of these online bloggers, social media promoters and publicist, but the big question is, how grateful is the Ghanaian Artiste to the blogger, publicist & social media promoter? None!

In recent times, many of these bloggers, social media promoters and publicist have taken to various platforms available to them, to voice out their frustrations and grieve endured working for the Ghanaian Artiste, comments such as; “I am putting all emails from Ghanaian artiste under spam”, “Ghanaian artiste stop being ungrateful”, “pay  us because we spend money on internet bills in promoting your works” from people like Ameyaw Debrah, Fiifi Adinkra, Banks Amissah, Quame Marrydman, among others, all goes to show the grieve and hardship conditions under which the Ghanaian youth feels, being used by the Ghanaian artiste to achieve laurels.

To make matters worse, these artistes pay huge sums of money to radio deejays and presenter just to hear their song on air, whiles it through the blogger, social media promoter and publicist by which the Dj’s get the songs. Whiles a Dj earns thousands(1000s) of Ghana cedi for just airing a song, the online promoter who spends 24/7 days a week in promoting the song throughout earns not even an appreciation of a ‘Thank You’.

Such statements and sentiments have prompted me to write this letter/article or whatever you choose to call it, to point out the tolls of bloggers, social media promoters and publicist in Ghana, whom the Ghanaian music artiste especially sees as a ‘fool’ in his works.

So my dear Ghanaian Artiste, let us see a change in character, do appreciate the works of bloggers, social media promoters and publicist because just a click of a bottom makes your works heard across the globe. If the young, dynamic, intellectual Ghanaian blogger, social media promoter and publicist are promoting you to secure contracts worth thousands of Ghana cedi, just a token of appreciation will go a long way to his standard of living, as we all help in national development.

Too much of Loyalty, now is time for Royalty…Show the blogger, social media promoter and publicist Appreciation, Ghanaian Artiste.

I remain, yours truly

Nana Quasi Paapa Abakah (@PapaQuasy)

Showbiz Publicist, spy360gh.com