If fun and a chill, authentic vibe was what you were looking for, Orijin took it a notch higher. If it was great music, DJs Vyrusky and Loft with Kojo Manuel as hypeman had it covered. This mix of vibes with the squad and great music is what Orijinal Beats is all about.
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As the night got into shape, Purple Pub transformed into a party zone, as the DJs kept the dancefloors busy and the drink promos from Orijin kept the night exciting minute after minute. With each cocktail or bottle of herbs and fruits, there was a special feeling that adjectives cannot qualify.

With this being the first of many, Orijinal Beats is off to a perfect start and if this continues, the experience will keep sstopping the Friday night life conversation, especially with December just around the corner. Airing live on YFM, Orijinal Beats offered a befitting start to the long weekend at Purple Pub and the experience can only get better as the Orijinal Beats boombox lands in Kumasi come 5th and 6th October with DJ Vyrusky and DJ Slim at the O’Ladys Pub.