February, 25, 2019 – After releasing a thrilling video for his single, ‘Ikechukwu’, La Même Gang member, $pacely does not plan on lifting his foot off the gas with what looks like a packed year for him – music-wise.
Greed is one of the seven deadly sins and a sub-cut of it is gold digging, which makes a nice theme befitting of a tune. On this new Thottiana-like anthem, $pacely explores all types of gold digging from both genders and accurately lays every little bit of detail he can, making the song feel dense and well thought out.
‘Yenkodi’ is a popular jargon in Ghanaian urban culture which translates to, ”Let’s go and eat”, one which encompasses the act of gold digging. After also gaining recognition for his production of ‘Snakes’ off La Même Gang’s ”Linksters” album, Eargasm produces another thriving beat for this piece which is in sync with every voice on the record. Over the beat’s heavy drum kicks which are laced with piercing strings, $pacely can be heard lamenting on how he thought he had made a right pick, only to find out ”she’s just another yenkodi”.
It’s a talent in its own right to know when to give your guest the spotlight to shine and $pacely did exactly that, giving rapper, Buman hit with precision. Approaching the song in his lightest, yet highest pitched melody and picking up the pace from where $pacely left it. Buman powers the song up with a very brutal take; pointing his finger at the girl’s peers and blaming them for her gold-digging behavior.
The energy rolls on as upcoming artist, Odartei joins the duo with a gritt, yet straightforward verse. He calls out what he believes are signs that come with gold digging. He also addresses how filters off snapchat and other apps, sweeten the appearances of people leading to deceit. $pacely then wraps everything up with his intentions for the night, singing, ”You can’t be my wife, you’re just for the night” making her understand the climax of it all.
As the title implies, ‘Yenkodi’ is a song that narrates the everyday struggle stories that gold digging comes with. Be it extorting wealth in the sneakiest form to jumping from person to person in search of monetary benefits, $pacely makes this one an anthem for all with many relatable bars.

$pacely – Yenkodi (feat. Buman & Odartei) [DOWNLOAD]