Enock Agyepong
Enock Agyepong

How do individuals support an industry that doesn’t support individuals?

No sleep last night till this dawn and all that was running through my head was the industry and its state right now. We can say on Authority that the industry today does not exist.

We see a lot of garbage being promoted and nobody giving a damn about real talent and you ask yourself if its deliberately done to hurt the industry.

We believe that whatever state the industry is in today should be blamed on the previous Gatekeepers.

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Yes a lot of Gatekeepers have sacrificed for this industry and all they got back in return was ingratitude from the Artists they sacrificed for but we strongly believe that their anger shouldn’t have been directed at the industry but rather those ungrateful individuals they had issues with.

The Truth right now is no Gatekeeper gives a damn about the industry and all they’re looking out for is their selfish interest and why not. Some even don’t want to hear the word industry and it’s very sad.

For the past 2 years since Sark and Stone got some BET nominations nothing sensible and productive have happened in this industry. All that in happening now is individuals and their management struggling on their own to survive elsewhere and not in this jungle called an industry. A few who are doing well on their own are the Wiyaala’s and Ayisoba’s and trust me nothing in this nonsense of an industry matters to them.

Our CMO lead by Uncle Rex Omar is still struggling to get a login system in place…you is okay.

As for the Interim Creative Arts Council lead by Mark Okraku and Chief Victim who has suffered from the ungratefulness of so many Artists I don’t think you should be thinking he will be thinking about the industry ooo massa man must survive and these Ingrates are not part of his headache wai.

As for our major Awards schemes the least said the better.

Had a convo with a major Gatekeeper and after his explanation of how bills at home must be paid and the industry he is sacrificing for doesn’t give a damn about that I couldn’t fault him for doing what he does to survive.

I sometimes see how mainstream TV and Radio stations spend hours on people without talent and it looks obvious that they would rather do that than spend minutes on real Talent and I’m yet to understand that kind of thinking.

In effect the standard of Artistry and Musicianship will be reduced and anyone with little or no talent will join the fooling wagon and in the end all the foolishness will remain within our Boarders since nobody does what we do here in their industry. Nigeria has a lot of these clowns but they’ll never put them on headlines no they’ll continue to push their Wizkids, Burna Boys and Davidos and they’ll continue to get nominations in Grammys and win BETs.

Yes when they see us fooling they’ll indeed come for one of our characters and pour water on him and encourage us to continue.

We as a record company have also had its share of ingratitude and we can also decide to give up and join the fooling wagon and lookout for our selfish Interests but ask yourself is money everything you can think of? How much money haven’t you made in the past that wasn’t able to sustain you?

Fact is if any Glory comes it will come in the name of Ghana and if any disgrace also comes because of our selfishness and negligence it will come in the name of Ghana.

If you think of only today then there will be no tomorrow for you and therefore we must change our mindset of wanting what we will eat today and start thinking of how to secure our future because nobody can work forever.

I’m still involved with a lot of young talents and I don’t want them to come and blame the Gatekeepers of today for messing up the industry and it’s our wish that they’ll look back in the future and be grateful for today’s Gatekeepers for making that needed Change in the industry.

This reality hurts but we can still make that Change if we try.

Ghana has a lot of Talent so let’s not kill them with our pain from the past.

Hope it falls on Some Good Ears.