Rapper Papa Staunch Goes For New Look 1

Release dates are very pivotal in every Artiste’s career as the level of impact of a song has so much to do with when and how it is released.

Ghanaian Rapper based in America, Papa Staunch is at war with his colleague and friend, Tinny for allegedly leaking a collaborated song they did last month.

The song which has mysteriously found its way on the devices of many raises questions as to who leaked the song but fingers are pointing at Tinny for the leak.

“The song was supposed to be released in mid-June but due to technicalities, we both decided to hold on till July” Papa Staunch revealed.

Papa Staunch expressed his frustration, “I’m sure he did not give the green light but he is totally responsible for what goes on in his camp, to me, such actions are unprofessional and should not happen. My Managers, KING RICH MEDIA Productions is putting a hold on the production of the video because of the leak.”

Tinny  I Believe I Can Fly

Efforts to reach Tinny for his side of the story was a migraine as he had been busy with his studio works and promotion of his new sing ‘Mini Yaanor’ but we were successful in getting him with his take.

According to Tinny, the allegation by Papa Staunch is slandering and as a professional who has been successful in the music business, he would not do such an amateur thing saying, “I have been in this business for long and know the corners of showbiz, my camp is tight and solid that’s why we have lasted this long in the business, so Staunch should take a second look at his camp, they are new to the business.”

“Why didn’t he contact me before bringing it to the press, we have been friends for long so I expected him to contact me before going to the media. Anyway! I pray they find out the truth” Tinny said


By 233times.com