Lloyd Cadman Annan Prah popular known in the showbiz as ‘Paris Beatz’, has discovered some talents from the Western region of Ghana, (Takoradi). Paris Beatz as a music producer seems to help These 5 new upcoming artists which he thinks they can make it big time with their music career. In an interview with OTJ of Radio Silver (Takoradi), He (Paris Beatz) revealed that, he wants to help raise these young upcoming artistes because he sees them as part of the big stars who can help raise the image of the music industry to a higher level And He also called out thier names (Sami Nate, M.R, Dyze Man, Neff Gee & UDO) . He continued to explain that, some of His colleagues are not willing to help the young ones who are finding difficulties to breakthrough into the music career, but He (Paris Beats) is ever ready to help these five (5) energetic and talented upcoming artistes from Takoradi. Paris Beatz is well known in the music career. He has produced several hits songs like Ahkan of Ruff N Smooth (Amina) which is gaining massive radio play both locally and internationally.

Lloyd Cadman Annan Prah (Paris Beatz) unveiled these newly signed Artist On His birthday (2nd May, 2018). OTJ of Radio Silver (Takoradi) asked Paris Beatz if he has any collaboration with any artiste and he revealed that, “He got a massive collaboration with D Cryme and some other artists which he will be dropping their names soon including the date and release of the song.