Switzerland-based Afrobeats act Switzboiz as preaching the need for peace in Ghana as the elections draws nearer. The group which is made up of Toffi and Timeless have released two singles which are “Foto” and “69” which have been receiving positive responses all over.


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In an interview with GhanaNdwom.com, the duo expressed the need for Ghana to understand the importance of peace. With the team comprising of a Ghanaian and Nigerian, they share the experiences they have heard of other African countries which ended up in war as a result of electoral violence. “Violence is never good and a nation ruined is very difficult to build again. Ghana is a peaceful country and 7th December will certainly be a peaceful day as well as the days after”.
Watch the video of “Foto” here.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iydcIolDyuY?feature=player_detailpage]