Perfecta Ekpo is one of Africa’s best vocalists. This is not even up for deliberation.

The lively, creative, energetic Perfecto Ekpo certainly knows how to keep her audience entertained on their feet but this time with a new song titled ‘Nyame Nhyira’, a couple of weeks after releasing Topisin.

The Nigerian born but New York based musician has received great respect for her work to promote gospel music throughout the world.

“I was inspired to sing this gospel song by the greatness and goodness God has done for me. I have personally survived many problems by the grace and protection of God. I wanted to bring out a message so that everyone one that listens to it learn from it; children or adults to trust and believe in God. Everything is possible; God’s blessing is real. ”

Perfecto Ekpo who is also a dancer, drummer, actress and a choreographer is hoping this song would affect the lives of many.

Perfecto Ekpo recorded a nationalistic song for the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election to ease away the tension among Nigerians. She titled the song ‘Hope For Nigeria’, and guess what the song is still making waves on major platforms in Nigeria and other African countries.

For now enjoy the song and expect Perfecto Ekpo to release a beautiful video for the song – Nyame Nhyira soon to which you can expect a Ghanaian, Nigerian and South African concept in the music video.

The masterpiece song was produced by Young D.


Perfecto Ekpo Releases New Single – Nyame Nhyira [DOWNLOAD]