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The world at this very point needs saving, advancement in medicine, technology and other areas of life has misled us into thinking that there is no God. We have become very selfish and wicked in every sense; we always want to be the first to come up with a new technology or a new way of doing things just for the monetary gains.

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We do not pay attention to our environment, nature and fellow humans. All we care about is money and fame. For this reason, we are not considerate of our dealings even with ourselves. We have push things so far that when there is a problem we do not know who, how or where to start troubleshooting because we have breached so many natural and spiritual protocols.

Jehovah God the creator of the heaven and earth is who Pete Menz is calling upon to save the world one more time. There is so much to take from his work and surely we shall overcome. Listen and share the song below.