Music and Movies are tools used in shaping a society so when we mess with that sector we are doing nothing but destroying the core fabric of our society.
Countries like America and the Rest are seen as superpowers because that’s what they always portray in their movies to the world.

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I remember as a boy anytime I saw a Chinese man I thought he was he was a karate or taekwando blackbelt Master.

Some begging questions that needs answers are do our leaders know the worth of the Arts in our society? I ask not because they are ignorant about it but it seems not to be their concern.
In fact it has been relegated to the back bench if not thrown out of the society room entirely.
When Music is taken out from our educational syllabus how do we expect our kids to make music that makes musical sense.

Am not too old to know what Kwame Nkrumah did in helping our industry but am young enough to see what our leaders today have done with our industry and I will say it’s nothing to write home about.

The Arts industry is a private one yet it’s success depends on the laws it thrives on and this is the responsibilities of our leaders and should not be seen as a favour.

We’ve had the film bill sitting in parliament for the past 25years and MPs and Ministers don’t even feel ashamed talking about it.

In 2010 the then Vice President John Mahama promised that the Broadcasting bill will be passed into law by 2010 and that speech was read on his behalf by Haruna Idrisu.
We are in 2016 and after several reminders the Broadcasting Bill has still not been passed with John Mahama now the President.

I won’t border you with the right to information bill and the creative arts bills since they are not worth talking about.

Comparing the speed at which Oil and TV licensing bills were passed it should tell you the mindset they have towards our industry.

Funding is key when it comes to the industry and obviously funds need to be made available for players to asses especially those doing developmental programs.

In 2012 government gave the industry 2 million which was the – first of its kind then in 2013 we were promised 3 million which never materialized. In 2015 we were told 38 million had been made available but after several calls an amount of 1 million was given to The creative Arts ministry.

Now to add sore to injury we are being told a children’s park will be built for us, I will reserve my comments on that for now.

The employment just one song can create is unbelievable ” Composers, Publishers programmer, sound engineer, backing vocalist, instrumentalists, Dis, Presenters, executive Producers, distributors, managers and the list goes on.

The employment the movie industry creates is uncountable yet what we are seeing is Mexican and Indian soap opera taking over that sector and when we have our youth showing their nakedness in videos the same leaders turn around to complain.

If we don’t set our own agenda as a nation other nations will set agendas for us.

I believe it’s time we stop complaining and start holding our leaders responsible.

They should GetSerious and start taking our industry More Serious for their own good.