It is presumed that politics is done by countries to improve the life of the masses but in Ghana or Africa, Politics is done to make money from the country and make the citizens poorer in fact one man/woman can take a political decision that can change the destiny of a whole community.
I just returned from my village in the Eastern Region in the Birim North District called Akoase.
Growing up as a kid we use to visit the village every year in December and the road which lead to Akoase from Nkawkaw was a tarred road with a few potholes on it.
Well it had been a while since I visited the village but due to circumstances beyond my control I had no option than to visit this August and I was astonished at how badly the road had been damaged so I did some enquires and was given 3 different accounts.
First off I was told the road did not get to this bad condition by the use of vehicles but it was actually destroyed by a single individual who wanted to stand as an MP on the NDC party ticket.
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The name given to me was Mavis Ama Frimpong which I stand to be corrected.
According to them she was the deputy Regional minister who later became the Regional Minister and like I said wanted to become the MP so she got highways to bring in equipments to destroyed that long stretch of road and asked the people to vote for her so she could fix it for them but every tom, dick and Harry knows that, that region has always been the stronghold of the NPP so she lost the elections and for the past 3 years those living there have had to use that damaged road probably as punishment or whatsoever.

The second account was that as regional minister she supervised the awarding of the contract to highways and the president was scheduled to use that road during the election campaigning season so she quickly organized for constructions to start but the president went by Air so she stopped the construction and continued with her life.
The third account I also got was that Newmont a mining firm in the region wanted to construct the road but the highways asked that the monies be given to them so they do it themselves but because of past experience and Newmont not having trust in them as to them doing the right work decided to stay away.
In all 3 accounts the accusing finger was being pointed towards one person and this person was no other than Madam Mavis Ama Frimpong the then Hon Regional Minister.
When I arrived in Accra yesterday I quickly got online and after opening a few pages I realized that indeed the contract was given to Highways under her supervision in January 2016 and was supposed to be completed in January 2017 but by December 2016 during the campaigning season the works done on that road was only 11% so I asked myself some few questions.

  1. How on earth can one start a road and not have an idea or the finances to finish it but can still go ahead to destroy the road and leave it for 3years without a solution and without any queries or is it because she is a politician?

  2. How can one single person mess up the lives of a whole community just because of her personal political ambitions?

  3. How many cars have had their suspensions destroyed due to the bad nature of the road since January 2016 to August 2018?

  4. How many human beings have been affected health wise due to the bad nature of that road?

  5. Will someone be held responsible for this mess or as usual the citizens there can go to hell for all the politician cares?

One fascinating thing I saw was the construction of the one district one factory project going on and in fact we met the one in charge using that bad road to go and inspect the ongoing works.
Fact is the President is also from that region so watching his own people suffer this was is quite ironic.
I was suppose to leave in the morning back to Accra via that messed up road only to be told the citizens were demonstrating against the bad roads so I had to wait till 12noon after it was over before setting off.
What is a bit surprising is that the Current MP Hon. John Osei Frimpong who recently mentioned those unmentionable names ie Koti y3 aboa, shua y3 mobo etc uses that same road to his house in fact seasoned politicians like Hon. Osarfo Marfo who instead of fighting for the fixing of that road is rather fighting for foreigners to start mining bauxite there also uses the same road and our own Maame Dokono also uses the same road to her village.
In conclusion I would like to ask again whether Politics is suppose to benefit the citizens or in this particular case to send the people back to stone age since what I witnessed made no common sense especially when you think of the fact that it was perpetuated by a single individual who actually is a politician.