Born of man created by God I came to meet the land that I live on and by birth belong to the Country I find myself in. My survival depends on food and in the olden days it was traded in barter but now the mode of exchange is called Money.

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Since we all live in a society with norms there is the need for law and order else there will be chaos and anarchy just like in the jungle where the strongest survives. This money in our wisdom is being controlled by Politrixians so if we are broke as a people then we will have no one to blame than the custodians of our properties ie Politrixians.

Over the years they come to us with lies just to outwit their opponents just to take Power but at the end of the day our situation keeps deteriorating. Some even take the Power by force only to mess everything up and leave.

In the days of old where resources were scares the Roman empire depended on taxes to run the country but they did a great job so I get confused and flabbergasted when I see a country like Ghana which has cocoa, gold, salt, etc and now oil plas taxes yet children of the land cant see anything meaningful then it only raises a lot of sad eyebrows.

We have countries that have only 3 months of vegetation yet they are able to plant enough, store enough for the whole year, export enough and the cost of their food is cheaper than us who have 12 full months of vegetation.
Interestingly these politrixians know all our problems when they want Power but immediately they ascend the throne they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to those same problems.

Sometimes you are tempted to believe that Pastors would do better in managing the nations but some are even worse than the Politrixian so we have no choice.

We are gradually losing hope in these corn men and if care is not taking they will only be pushing the sons of men to the brink.

How can you speak good but act evil how can you preach salvation and practice condemnation how can you look into the crowd of thousands of these hopeless people and lie to them through your teeth.

Our politrixians must start thinking smart because as far as am concerned they are not, there are examples all around us that they can learn from and if they have short memories I can still remind them of two ie Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo.

We are all mortals waiting to die and exit this land we came to meet so if you are placed in a position to help the less privileged do so diligently in other not to incur the wrath of the owner of the land “God” before your exit.

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