FOCAP has learnt with dismay the sudden brouhaha surrounding the Audio Visual Rights Society Of Ghana (ARSOG) after our press release about the scheduled elections for which we believed the right thing should be done, thankfully by the effective work of some members, a court injunction has been placed on it. It is important to note that FOCAP is keenly watching and studying how the issues and processes will go to help maintain the peace and stability we need in ASORG.

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FOCAP believes the very immediate institution in the hierarchy and workings of collecting societies in Ghana; The Copyright Administrator, which gave 14 days ultimatum to meet both parties and resolve the issues is really on course the right track and FOCAP would like to draw the attention of the Copyright Administrator to some of the areas that needs appropriate attention and scrutiny.


  • FOCAP would like to recommend a set up of an independent committee to investigate the current/outgoing interim executives.


This FOCAP believes will bring genuineness, transparency and accountability to the organisation ASORG. FOCAP has intercepted the Financial Statements and Distribution Statements for the year ended 31st December 2012 to 31st December 2016 and clearly we cannot say Kissi Consult (Chartered Accountants) which has acted as the Independent Auditing firm for ASORG’s financials did not do a good job but FOCAP believes it is necessary to have a forensic audit by the Copyright Administrator independently.


Per the audited financial statements of ARSOG between year ending 31 December 2012 and 31

December 2015; below are some cumulative expenditure for your attention: ARSOG Board Allowances



= Ghc 153,092

ARSOG Local Travels




= Ghc 115,912

ARSOG Advertising and Publicity



= Ghc 52,809

ARSOG Salaries and Allowances



= Ghc 94,604

ARSOG Per Diem (2014 & 2015)



= Ghc 74,739

ARSOG Food and Entertainment (2014 & 2015)

= Ghc 30,257

ARSOG Cash Award to Icons (2014 & 2015)

= Ghc 197,044

ARSOG Board Honorarium (2015)


= Ghc 58,160

ARSOG Hotel Accommodations (2013 – 2015)

=Ghc 60,729


FOCAP is assuring the Copyright Administrator that we will play our watchdog well and monitor to see how the case is resolved.


The vision of ARSOG according to their Constitution says “the Audio Visual Rights Society of Ghana will be counted among the best collecting management organisation” and FOCAP hopes to aid them to achieve this bold vision.




Per our research and knowledge, we have come to believe that as best practice for collecting societies, the Board should be separated from Management but after careful study of the audited account FOCAP realized that board members played an active role for both board and management and received allowances for all ie. Board Sitting Allowance, Management Allowance, Per Diem, Icon Award and also received Levy/Royalties as members. We hope the Copyright Administrator would take a critical look at this anomaly during the mediation.


Kojo Preko Dankwa




Mel Kwesi Davis




Enoch Agyapong




Date: 11TH October 2017