Yaa Pono The first statement by Suburban Records issued on Tuesday 24th June 2014 informed the World of the re-recording of the song, “I Dey Feel You Die” and its imminent re-release by Dark Suburb.  It also stated that the song had been purchased from Faint Medal.  This purchase is of great concern to us here at YAVA Global as neither the song’s Producer, Kilo Beats nor our client Yaa Pono as lyrical contributing artist, were consulted prior to the sale to give their consent and consequently have not been offered their share of the proceeds.

We are also given to understand that Faint Medal are yet to pay for the studio time used to produce the song in 2011.  This essentially means that the song is the full and sole property of the Producer, Kilo Beats – not Faint Medal.  Only full final payment of studio time to the Producer releases the work to the artist.  Therefore, the sale of “I Dey Feel You Die” by Faint Medal to Dark Suburb is null, void and fraudulent i.e illegal.  We have been informed that the full rights to the song can now be purchased from Kilo Beats for the sum of 30,000.00GHS.  There appears to be a flagrant disregard of the intellectual property of Yaa Pono and Kilo Beats from Faint Medal, Dark Suburb and Suburban Records in this matter.

Stating that Syn exclusively wrote the entire song is false.  Additionally stating that our client, Yaa Pono, claimed the song in interview is also false and entirely unnecessary.

We are disappointed that the opportunity to gain awareness and positively publicise this well loved song to the World on the BBC’s platform has been mired by base less and fraudulent claims.

The ramifications of false claims, statements and reporting can be wide ranging and negate the truth, the talent, positive perception, hard work and dedication put in to moving forward in the entertainment (and any other) industry.

We note the ‘article’ published today, Friday 27th June 2014, using a small excerpt of our initial press release issued on Wednesday 25th June 2014 by music blog HypeGh.com, the site originally used to publish and promote Suburban Records’ initial statement on Tuesday 24th June 2014 http://hypegh.com/morenews.php?id=599.  However, this is not a satisfactory rejoinder and does nothing to explain the deceptive actions above or clear the confusion surrounding our client.

As such, YAVA Global would appreciate a full and sincere apology and retraction statement to our client, Yaa Pono, and indeed also to Kilo Beats, to be issued from Suburban Records, the Management of Dark Suburb  – publicised in the exact same aggressive manner as their first statement – by 12pm Monday 30th June 2014 in order to halt our prepared legal proceedings.


YAVA Global