Sensational gospel songstress, Priscilla Otumfuo is ready to impart greatly into the lives of Christians and Ghanaians who for some reasons think God has given up on their situation.
Knowing how gifted she is when it comes to motivation, Priscilla is unique with her style which seeks to redeem and liberate individuals who are spiritually chained.

Being her second album and knowing how well her first album performed on the market, Priscilla is ready to bless lives again with this particular album.
The album which comprises of three wonderful songs is here to motivate, encourage, educate and inspire believers who have been rejected and neglected by family and friends during this hard times and for the record, AMPA, a single on this album has recorded its first testimony even before proper promotion.
In an interview with Priscilla has explained that, her current album is a Devine revelation from God and she herself is always amazed anytime she listens to the songs.
” I don’t want to blow my own horn I can say this particular album is unique. The few people who know about this album keep mounting pressure on me to release it but I was still waiting for that signal from God and I know and believe this album will be a blessing to the inflicted” she stated.

Priscilla is a happily married woman with three kids.
Let’s support her in her quest to save lost souls through her song ministration.