Vacations are very vital to the human existence and once in a while you really need to take a break from all the hard work and make time for family & friends.


Afrofusion Artist David Ayuba  known in Showbiz as Pzeefire couldn’t have chosen the best time to release his Visual for Vacation than in the Month of Love and beyond.


The song & visuals talks about how stressed his partner was and how much she needed that break and indeed he making that vacation a memory one.


Vacations heals you mentally & Sexually and one must learn how to take it once in a while.


Hope #Vacation makes it to your playlist and eventually becomes one of your personal favorite as we enjoy the good times with our loved ones.


Artist: Pzeefire

Composer: David Ayuba

Producer: Psyco

Mastered by: Ubeatz

Video Director: Mo Sambo

Executive Producer/Publisher: Speech Production

Aggregator: Distroplug