Wild and Free with the Vibes that be and breaking the ice with the mind at ease we ride and fly in the skies at will to a place we call beautiful.

These are the Vibes Pzeefire brings to you on his New tape titled In A Beautiful Place (IABP) and it’s with joy that he introduces the tape with the song NOBODY literally meaning No Buddy but you can quench your own Fire so keep it Blazing till everyone else catches the Vibes.

Big Shouts to all DJs/Presenters who spread these Vibes that keeps us moving and indeed NOBODY can Stop this Vibes.

Full Tape drops soon

Link to #Nobody

It’s Live It’s Viral

Lets Share the Vibes 🔥🔥🔥🍾

Song: Nobody
Artist: Pzeefire
Producer: Psyco
Distributor: Distroplug
Label: Speech Production


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