Quarme Zaggy
Quarme Zaggy

The contemporary Hi-Life guru, Quarme Zaggy is noted among the strong pillars in Ghana Music when good music comes in the mind of anyone. With his all time hit ‘Just the two of us’ Quarme Zaggy has registered his name on the lips of everyone.

After his break through song ‘Just the two of us’ Quarme Zaggy has been very consistent with releases. Concurrently, he released, ‘Kwadonto’, ‘True love’ and other songs which have made him a pillar in the industry.

As an Easter present to the world for fans and non-fans alike, Quarme Zaggy is set to release his much awaited single ‘I want you’. Produced by Genius, the song is a love centered one which tells a lover not to play with his (Quarme Zaggy) heart. With a Twiglish (Twi and English) mixture, the song is enjoying amazing applauds from those who have heard it.

“Is the song a personal experience oriented?” this reporter asked Quarme Zaggy. Prefixing his answer with giggling, Quarme Zaggy said he sings for daily endeavours and broken heart is common lately, so he wrote the song for those going through that challenging time.

The song before it creeps its way online will be premiered on Happy Fm 98.9 with DJ Adviser’s ‘Happy party mix’ tomorrow so all ears are to be alerted there at 8 pm.

This reporter can authoritatively posit that, Quarme Zaggy has enormous songs in his arsenal this year and he is currently in the studio cooking good songs for the world.

Author: Nana Kwesi Coomson (www.233times.com)