Yaa Pono & Baby Mama
Yaa Pono & Baby Mama

Sometimes certain situations we face in life bring to us the right person to fill that hole and that’s the exact story of Yaa Pono and his wife.

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According to Yaa Pono, his American-based baby mama who by then had gone out from an unpleasant relationship, like the usual, needed someone to talk to and after getting to meet her, he finally opened up as a man in love and started making love to her. Few weeks after, they became emotionally bonded to each other.

Yaa Pono who seems proud of his new addition disclosed more of his love life in a song with K F Sare titled “My Lady”

The song which was produced by Kin Dee hears Yaa Pono giving details of the time he made love to this beautiful baby mama he has.

If you ever thought Yaa Pono is that ” all crazy” then he just proved you wrong because he is very sweet when it comes to love.

Listen to the audio below..