One of the most popular genres is dancehall, and Enerst Ebo Ennin, better known by his stage name Ras Ebo, is unquestionably one of the most promising dancehall performers from Ghana’s western territory.

His famous song “Kush Style” gave him his first major breakthrough in the music business, dominating the western area before going on to become a national hit and landing him gigs at all the biggest festivals in Ghana.

Regretfully, by referring to himself as the biggest and best lyricist in dancehall in the western regions of Ghana, his potent lyrical style got him into a lot of difficulty and controversy. This prompted other assaults, including one that was physical and resulted in a significant attack at his home.

After surviving those assaults, he informed the authorities. A few months have passed since the dancehall performer Ras Ebo made headlines. Rumours claim that he travelled to an unidentified nation, although unsubstantiated rumours also claim that he travelled to the United Kingdom