Ras Lipo - Ebefa
Ras Lipo – Ebefa

Dancehall gem Ras Lipo is out with a new song titled ‘Ebefa’; Produced by ItzJoe Beatz.
Mootivation has always been a trademark for this young chap and Ebefa is certainly one of those tunes. Known as the face of dancehall in Kumasi, Ras Lipo has made it a point to stand by the accolade in all his projects and this one certainly stands for that.
Coming from the Ghetto, Ras Lipo has always made it a priority not just to project the ghetto boy’s struggles in His songs but to give motivation through his songs.
The mid-tempo song goes on to state that one has to believe in themselves in all that they do and not be stressed by what naysayers talk about.

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