Sarkodie - 10k

Recently, I found myself listening to one gentleman’s song on Route 919 on Live 91.9fm with Sammy Forson. I was caught off guard and I must say, I didn’t get the chance to know the song’s title or the artiste.

I decided to keep track of this mysterious artiste and so I made another time to catch up with the radio show the next day between the hours of 3pm – 5pm and still my effort proved futile. I wanted to hit Sammy Forson up on twitter but I just didn’t know how to even go about the description.

On the 19th of May, I was in Kumasi which I remember vividly and I’m not going to forget this faithful day. I chanced upon 102.5fm (that’s YFM, Kumasi) and low and behold they were playing the very song I have been searching for. The DJ on rotation that day was NY and while the song was playing he said, “Spanking New, Keep Your Head Up, Cabum featuring EL” and ever since I never let go off the name, CABUM.

Not only did I hear the song again, that very evening, I actually felt like luck and happiness running my way. Here we go again, GhONE was showing the video “Keep Your Head Up” and I’m like, “how on earth was this happening in Ghana and I know nothing about it”. That very moment and I said to myself again, “Ghana’s hiplife and hiphop is about to experience another rebirth”.

Cabum - Keep Your Head Up (Feat. EL)
Since then I have been an avid listener and a fan of Cabum. I went on google and did some few searches on this guy and to my surprise; this guy apparently has one song titled “Devil in my temple”. Hmm, if I should talk about this song, it would take me days and nights to tell you about how virtuoso he is.

I asked several of my friends and they all told me that this guy is one of ‘dopest’ rappers whose many talents is yet to be unraveled by many Ghanaians.

Upon my research, I did come to find out that this guy doubles as a beat maker and has produced songs like “Me Kyeakyea” by FlowKing Stone, “Atigya” himself featuring Yaa Pono and more.

Cabum could be hilarious on certain tracks and one of which I love is, “Won Kae Me”, I saw the video on YouTube and I did love the Robin Thicke’s video adaptation.

I followed him on twitter @CabumOnline and on his TL, someone asked him when was he going to do a collaboration with Sarkodie. He responded with a “thinking” emoji and I froze for a while. I was like “Geez, this guy has called out one of the greatest and dopest collabo to hit GH. Cabum and Sarkodie.., Oh my days, like I will thank our ancestors! – I can’t wait to hear such joint”.

“She Dey Go Like”, I learned that’s his latest danceable tune with Luther – and I must say, Cabum is good at what he does.

With his slogan “Chedeshi” which later I found out that it actually meant “Check This Sh*t” I laughed my lungs out.

Honestly, this Cabum guy is the best kept talent to emerge from Ghana and I am proud to be a BOOMSTER; that’s what he calls his fans.