Legendary Rechordz is a new but very vibrant record label with a state of the art studio that is acclaimed to be one of the best in the country.
The record company coordinates the production (live and digital recording, mixing and mastering), manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos; conducts talent scouting and development of new artists (“artists and repertoire” or “A&R”); and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers.
Our team is made up of both renowned and new technical and administrative professionals that bring to bare the standards sought out in the showbiz and entertainment industry.
Legendary Rechordz as part of its obligations to the industry is offering a record deal worth $10,000 to two upcoming talented musicians.
A live audition will be held at the serene premises of Legendary Studio Regimanuel Gray Estate, Community 14 Sakumono, between 8am – 4pm each day from the 24th to the 31st of October.
Artistes are expected to download or fill and submit online audition forms from our website www.legendaryrechordzgh.com.
Legendary Studio as part of its launch, is offering special packages to all who wish to play it big in their creative arts / multimedia productions.
For more information, visit our social media pages; Facebook: Legendary Rechordz, Twitter: @LegendRechordz, Instagram: LegendaryRechordz or contact Legendary Studio staff on email: info@ LegendaryRechordz.com, call or Whatsapp: +233 24 471 4772 / +233 26 721 0019.
We Play it Big……………….