Home News Reggie Rockstone Endorses ‘Sark Collection’ by Sarkodie

Reggie Rockstone Endorses ‘Sark Collection’ by Sarkodie


Hiplife Grandpapa has joined the myriad of celebs endorsing and applauding Sarkodie’s move to venture into fashion. Reggie, himself a fashionista, had stints with his late father’s clothing line back in the day and also did the first TV commercial on a Ghanaian network for a sneaker brand called “LENARDS” way back.

Without a doubt, Granpapa is beyond excited and wants to model for Sarkodie’s clothing line when it’s finally launched some time this year. Grandpa Reggie described the “Sark” samples as “Swagnificent” – we bet he knows what he’s talking about- when he saw images of the samples. He further added that fans should “…patronise it and make it a success” and that “it has 2 come to “stay” so da nxt gen can boast bout it!

As per images circulating on the internet, “Sark” is a unisex line and so far has suede slippers, high-top sneakers, snapbacks, t-shirts and trousers/shorts and probably more things to surprise us later. We have seen celebs venture and failed in this fashion business but we can only wish Obidi success in this new endeavor. Let’s support made in Ghana stuff.