Reggie Rockstone

As simple as it is, most artistes give the honor to Reginald Osei who is known in music circles as Reggie Rockstone for being the originator of the hiplife genre of Ghanaian music. If you disagree and feel the need to trash this article, please move down below and spend just 6 minutes of your time to watch the video below, it will do you some good.
I do not need to bore you with long talk about what the video says but let me give you just a snippet of why the need to give credit where it is due. In recent times, there is a controversy about the originator of Hiplife and it’s sparked a whole debate in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Reggie Rockstone 2
Taking excerpts from MyJoyonline, this is what CEO of Pidgin Music, Panji Anoff about hiplife, “He’s the Godfather of hiplife. It is foolish journalists who have translated ‘Godfather’ into ‘creator’. “Reggie, himself, does not believe he is the creator of hiplife,” Panji confidently declared, despite Reggie Rockstone’s past claims of being the creator and originator of the music style and its name.


Watch this video we have for you here which begins with an interview with Barima Sidney, a screen shot of a conversation between Esme Nkansah who managed Reggie Rockstone in the early 90’s, a whatsapp conversation with Abeeku Ribeiro of Panji’s Talking Drums Group and many others.


You can make your judgement after watching this video.