Rev Obofour

“Owonta Nana”, a renowned radio presenter, has come out to seek for forgiveness from the Man of God, Elder Dr. Bismark Amoah (BOHYE) after Insulting and accusing the man of God of several ungodly deeds some time back.

In his statement, He made it known that He was being influenced by his former boss Rev Obofour and therefore apologise for forgiveness. He shared all this in a video as he was followed by elderly people to The Bohye Prayer camp to seek for forgiveness.

All this started after Bohye started a series of preaching messages condemning the sales of holy water, pomade and other merchandise right behind the pulpit. Rev. Obofour happened not to find these messages appealing to him and therefore started throwing jabs against his fellow man of God which later on turned into a squabble between both pastors.

The radio presenter, Owonta Nana, who used to work with Obofour then took the fight as his own and started throwing his own jabs at Bohye. But it has finally been discovered that Owonta Nana was telling cheap lies and was been influeneced by Rev Obofour.

After weeks of defaming the Bohye, he has run back to render his unqualified apology. He pleaded for forgiveness at the church premises in front of the congregation and explained why he made such comments.

However, Bohye reacting to the apology stated that he is glad that Owonta Nana has realised his mistakes and has asked for forgiveness. He therefore accepted the apology and advised his fellow pastors and church members to also forgive Owonta Nana.