Richie Rich

It is now time for highlife music lovers in Ghana to get ready for a real highlife album because highlife musician Richie Rich is about to make history with his latest album titled “Nsoroma” under UBBS Entertainment.

In an era that many musicians and their executive producers are always scared of releasing albums because there are no proper distribution channels and general sales have gone down with musical albums, Richie Rich and his boss Chris Kobby Adams of UBBS Entertainment are ready to tell highlife music lovers that they are ready for the market. In what music afficionados will describe as well packaged album, Richie Rich is ready and has already released on iTunes a complete highlife album which will blow one`s mind.

The songs mixed, recorded and produced in Ghana by (Ultimate Big Brother Studio) UBBS Entertainment producers and mastered in the USA by Chris Graham are the type of highlife songs which ruled the airwaves some years back until highlife music went out of the system. Richie Rich is bringing that feeling back again and the few tracks which are being promoted on radio is a prove that Richie Rich is here to save highlife music from dying.

Some of the well written songs on the album include Nsroma, Odo Aduane, Ghana Mmaa, Odo Nkomo, Akonoba, Opono Hini Me, M’ansusu Da, Ohia Asem, Onyame Woho, Nsroma (hilife), Gh Mmaa, Akonoba (hilife) and Nsroma (Clublife). Popular music producer and CEO of Minor Rhythms Band Fred Kyei Mensah described the album as a wonderful one and called for music lovers to patronize it.

In an interview with Richie Rich who sees this Nsroma album as his first commercial album to be released, he told Flex newspaper that a lot of work went into the making of this album so he is upbeat that the album will do well on the music market.