On Saturday 29th September, the scores will be settled for the most anticipated live event ever in Ghana at African Legends Night.
In over three decades of Ghanaian music experience, no event platform has seen Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba share the same stage. Now, Global Media Alliance has made this possible.
As-if these two legends were not enough, the formidable and consistent Samini has been enlisted to join this league of extraordinary musicians. If there was ever a time to witness history, it is now!
This totally sets Samini aside from his contemporaries and puts him on a whole different pedigree.
Many-a-Ghanaian wouldn’t believe to have Kojo Antwi, Samini and Daddy Lumba (DL) on the same stage but it is happening live in living colour inside Kempiski Gold Coast Hotel on 29th September 2018.