Sampson Halm
Sampson Halm


In a night filled with glitz, glamour, and extraordinary musical performances, Sampson Halm emerged victorious once again, securing the coveted title of Blogger/Promoter of the Year at the Western Music Awards 2023. The event, proudly sponsored by Westline Entertainment, unfolded under the meticulous organization of Medimafo Herbal Clinic.

The Western Music Awards is an annual event that celebrates the immense talent within the music and creative arts industry within the western region. This year’s edition, held in grandeur, featured stellar performances from a lineup of remarkable artists, including Fameye, Omar X, Aya RamzyB, Bobo Dada Bee, Debby Sway, Yaw Lucaz, Corbina Saah, Fiifi Lattex, Linkup Daddy, Betterdays Gad, and Sally M.

Sampson Halm, a prominent figure in the blogging and promotion sphere, took the stage to claim his well-deserved award. This marked his second consecutive win in the Blogger/Promoter of the Year category, a testament to his unwavering dedication and impact in the industry. Halm expressed his gratitude to his supporters, taking to his social media platforms to thank everyone who voted for him.

The red carpet segment, hosted by the charming duo of Deaconess Abokumah and Seguwah, was nothing short of spectacular. It provided a platform for the dazzling talents of the evening to showcase their unique styles, setting the tone for an evening of glitz and glamour.

The masterful orchestration of the event was in the capable hands of MCs Macall Mensah, Waibe YB, Hypeman Ferggy, and Ato Kwamina D’Gem. Their witty banter, engaging charisma, and seamless transitions ensured that the audience remained captivated throughout the awards ceremony.

The Western Music Awards 2023 embraced the digital age by broadcasting the entire event on various social media platforms. The official Facebook page, “Western Music Awards Ghana,” and the YouTube channel became the virtual arenas for fans worldwide to witness the unfolding of this prestigious event. Additionally, affiliate media stations played a crucial role in amplifying the reach of the awards ceremony.

As the curtains closed on the Western Music Awards 2023, Sampson Halm’s triumph in the Blogger/Promoter of the Year category echoed beyond the venue, resonating in the hearts of fans and industry professionals alike. The night not only celebrated the winners but also served as a testament to the thriving and dynamic music scene in the Western region.


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