For music, artist inspiration can come from many different sources. Inspiration can come from things or people in their immediate environment like parents and siblings or from people who have excelled in the music industry.

NaaNa Blu, the budding singer, and songwriter who is currently enjoying some level of stardom said in an interview on Class FM’s Class Drive with Prince Benjamin that the one constant figure when it comes to music who inspires her is Sarkodie because of his consistent delivery and the brand he has built in the industry.

“A lot of things inspire me – depending on what I’m doing, so I take inspiration from different people”, the Sugar Cane and Things Fall Apart Singer added.

“Sarkodie has maintained his brand very well looking at where he’s come from and where he is today. He has been consistent in the music industry delivering hit after hit year in and year out and that inspires me and I want to be able to do that and even more.”

“Although I like his music it is not the music that inspires me, it is about his ability to stay relevant for the past decade that inspires me to keep going.” the Quophimens Musiq artist explained.

NaaNa Blu has recently released a five tracked EP “This Is Highlife” to revive the dying genre and in honour of Ghanaian highlife music legends.