All Scata Bada fans should ANTICIPATE the surprise release of the official “Chelensa” visuals any day this week before the weekend rolls in.

The video was perfectly directed by Michael Williams, a box office expert from Nigeria and it was excellently given a flawless direction and very relevant characteristic scenes.

“Chelensa” has a special flash vixen appearance by Queen Joyce Orhuhu, the recent winner of NMBG [Nigeria’s Most Beautiful, 2016]. Joyce graces the scene with a remarkable presence that adds a must-see diva oops to the visuals.

“CHELENSA” is the Ga word for the good old local ratan ball we all used to play way back during our childhood, and Scata contextually uses it in this song in particular reference to his unrelentless relationship trust. As the chorus goes, Scata promises that his love for Queen Right is real and sacred, such that he wouldn’t play her like Chelensa [Ratan Football]. The man is truly in love and he means no games.

Context-wise, the song “Chelensa” was built on a pro-trust concept, it seeks to instill relationship fidelity, even as it frowns upon the worrying acts of unfaithfulness and seeks to erase a love partner’s apprehension of insecurity.

As the story stands, Scata Bada’s “Chelensa” is an exemplary love piece which all serious courting partners can relate to, it really is a scenario of love oaths where talks of heartbreak matters the most.


Below is the YouTube trailer link of “Chelensa”, have a watch.