Scata Bada Impresses Akuma Village
Moments after the news reached the street that GH dancehall’s super heavy weight DJ, Nature Won, would be hosting his long awaited performance show dubbed “Heights of Reggae Dancehall”, both the veterans and upcoming artistes of the duo-genre rang the date on their calendar to never miss the show.
This past Saturday was that popularly-awaited date of the show and Akuma Village was without doubt the expected venue. Akuma Village is the most famous joint that is truly the home to all GH Reggae Dancehall artistes.

It is said that, Akuma Village is the gateway to great popularity for the artistes of the duo-genre, as every popular Reggae Dancehall artiste has previously performed at this venue many times before gaining nationwide popularity.

There was a lot of artistes on the bill, so many expected Heights of Reggae Dancehall to be an event with several colourful explosive performances from these different artistes. As you can imagine, it was a crazy night of exciting fireworks….but the night wouldn’t have been that memorable if Scata Badda, [currently the most promising Reggae Dancehall artiste in GH] never graced the stage.

That very minute the artiste stepped the stage was the very moment Heights of Reggae Dancehall had its first truly colourful service. Scata Badda served the audience fully right that Empress Lomo of Radio Gold had this to say after the artiste’s impressive set: “His performance was spectacular…he rocked the crowd.

Nana Dubwise, one of GH finest selectors, was also fully pleased with the artiste’s lovely performance that he openly said “He was good, taking his set professionally. King Lagazee met the artiste in person a few minutes after his set and said this right in his face “Scata Bada, you are the next thing, don’t relax at all”.

Based on the encouraging remarks from the above Reggae Dancehall pundits, K1MG, which is Scata Bada’s team, has dedicatedly vowed to push him to prime without any delay. Any big thing next from the artiste’s? Oh yes! He releases his debut album this October under the keen management of Lifestyle entertainment and productive support by K1MG [King One Music Group]. Watch out for the “Audacious Statement”.


By: Regula Rebel, K1MG,